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In 2014, Elementa Engineering DPC joined Integral Group LLC as part of an interactive global network of mechanical, electrical, plumbing and energy engineers, and firms collaborating under a single deep green engineering umbrella. We specialize in the design of simple, elegant, cost-effective systems for a wide variety of project types.

Elementa Engineering DPC is a New York based professional services consulting engineering firm focused on positively impacting the built environment. Through a relationship with Integral Group LLC, we are creating a new realm of possibilities by combining our diversified leadership and common visionary approach to green buildings.

Collectively championing the use of the most innovative and sustainable systems, we give life to high performance buildings and communities that both respect and enrich the Earth, and provides our clients with global expertise in step with a local presence.

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November 8, 2018
Greenbuild International Conference and Expo is the face to face experience for sustainability in the built environment. It’s for professionals in architecture, construction, engineering, planning, and interior design who depend on thoughtful and ethical solutions which promote wellness a... Read more

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New York, NY Leadership

  • Managing Principal, New York, NY

    Richard has over 18 years of experience as a project manager and lead mechanical engineer. He has a diverse portfolio of building projects, with extensive project management and mechanical system design for a variety of building types including airports, commercial offices, transportation facility, central utility plants, museums, high-rise buildings, hospitals and master plans. As a managing principal, Richard will proactively collaborate with the main project stakeholders to fully understand the project goals and work with the team to provide fitting designs. He will provide continuous professional support to the team, dedicating the resources necessary to achieve budget and schedule milestones. Richard focuses on client satisfaction and his design efforts to achieve energy efficiency, reliability and flexibility.

  • Principal, New York, NY

    Shreshth’s professional focus over the past fifteen years has been to understand and model building performance that results from the interaction between envelope configuration, climatic context, functional requirements, conditioning systems, and occupant behavior. More recently, his doctoral research focused on developing automated workflows to construct living urban energy models that are designed to systematically explore future energy scenarios and identify areas of maximum potential savings.

    Shreshth’s role is primarily to manage the holistic environmental design scope, and work closely with the project teams to shape building and urban designs from the concept phase through implementation. He especially enjoys working on projects with a focus on designing with passive strategies for thermal and visual comfort; and has completed specialized building-physics analyses to help inform design decisions of several award-winning projects that represent a broad spectrum of types, scales, climates, and performance goals.

  • Associate, New York, NY

    James joins Integral Group with 5 years of experience as a project manager and sustainability consultant. His experience includes acting as a committee co-chair for the USGBC San Diego, and managing multiple concurrent LEED certifications for high profile commercial buildings across the country. James has extensive experience reviewing, updating, and revising building policies and reports including ASHRAE audits, RCx reports, and IAQ audits, as well as managing energy audits, retro-commissioning, IEQ testing, IAQ audits, and other technical services related to LEED.

    James built an award-winning sustainability program from the ground up for a Forbes-rated five star hotel, by identifying, launching, and managing energy and water efficiency, waste reduction, recycling, and sustainability education projects. These projects resulted in an annual energy savings of over one million kWhs and “Recycler of the Year” awards from the City of San Diego in 2012 and 2013.

  • Associate, New York, NY

    With a wealth of experience working within the built environment, Peter brings a fresh perspective to our clients across a multitude of sectors – including healthcare, aviation, commercial high rise and institutional developments.

    As a licensed Professional Engineer in the State of New York & certified ASHRAE Healthcare Facility Design Professional, he works closely with our clients in the development of innovative mechanical building systems design and the path from conceptual design through to construction completion. Peter’s strong communication skills and keen focus to detail endears him to our both our clients and our team.