Integral Group is an interactive global network of design professionals collaborating under a single deep green engineering umbrella. We provide a full range of building system design and energy analysis services, with a staff widely regarded as innovative leaders in their fields. Located in offices across North America, the United Kingdom, and Australia, our passion for sustainable design runs deep.

Our Purpose

Integral Group’s mission is to be the top quality Deep Green engineering and consulting firm with global reach.

Our People

Our People combine passion with purpose. 
They are diverse, ready, willing, and able. They are committed to innovation, quality, and providing our clients with the best possible service.

Our Values

We are guided by three core values – trust, nurture and inspire

Trust is the basis of every successful and enduring relationship, team, and creative collaboration. 
We build trust by trusting others whilst keeping our promises and conducting ourselves to the highest levels of professionalism, integrity, and honesty.

Our people never stop learning or growing.
The environment and culture of the firm are supportive and inclusive. We listen openly, respect the opinions and beliefs of others, and provide honest feedback. We mentor and train for success and fulfillment.

We share our passion and expertise widely.
We make time to explain our thinking, challenge clients, and project partners with new ways of working. We share innovations in technology and tools drawn from across our firm and leverage our investment in research + development.

Our Pillars

We bring creativity and curiosity to solve complex problems. 
Integral is home to dreamers and innovators, systems thinkers, and the people with the big ideas – backed up by the technical know-how to deliver. We question why things should stay the same and work collaboratively and across disciplines to find new and better solutions.

Our work is target-driven, outcome-led, and evidence-based. 
Perform is how we get to what we imagine. We work with clients to define ambitious performance targets and focus our efforts on achieving them. Through analysis, we translate data into insights. By working across the entire project lifecycle we are closing the performance gap.

Time is short – we need to urgently scale up. 
Our impact is not limited to our projects. We influence decision making beyond the boundaries of our business – rewriting rules, shaping policy, sharing best practices, bringing new technologies to market, and partnering with like-minded firms around the world.

As we grow and thrive we can tackle greater challenges in more places around the world.
We strive to be our own best case study – applying the same sustainable business practices across our firm that we advocate in our work. We invest the profits generated by our activities in the tools and resources necessary for our people to excel, and to support game-changing industry initiatives.