An ESG Commitment to Planet and People—Integral Group’s commitment to Corporate Social and Environmental Responsibility (CSER) is driven by its Deep Green mission, a desire to be an organization that does good in the world, and the intention to leave a legacy of positive contribution, guided by its Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) values. As a professional services firm leading by example, the firm supports clients moving toward a more sustainable and justly built environment. Through the transparency of sharing both an internal performance “footprint” and external project “handprints”, Integral Group seeks to improve the lives of its employees and the wider communities it serves.

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Megan White
Acknowledging the climate crisis is also a humanitarian crisis, we approach our work with the conviction to mitigate negative impacts and improve communities. Working with our strategic partners and clients to transform the built environment, regenerative design will become the new standard in sustainability. We believe the circular economy should be embraced in all aspects of building systems, and our work should be rooted in environmental justice. Innovation occurs by shifting our perspectives, finding commonality, and celebrating our differences. With our strength of will, we are built environment activists, sharing our journey transparently and inspiring others to join us.
Megan White, Chief Sustainability Officer


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  • Methodologies, data quality, benchmarking, baselines, carbon factors, and more.

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