Pearson Dogwood Parcels A & C

Pearson Dogwood Redevelopment

Pearson Dogwood Redevelopment in Vancouver’s Marpole neighbourhood is set to span across West 57th and West 59th, between Cambie Street and Heather Street. Integral Group has been retained to provide mechanical services to Parcels A & C of this anticipated master-planned community working with IBI Group.

Aside from residential and retail components, a host of community programs and supportive heath services will be offered through the completion of this project. Two of the existing older health care facilities on the property, George Pearson Centre and Dogwood Lodge, will be redeveloped into higher-standard, more urgently needed care facilities.

Pearson Dogwood Redevelopment Parcel A, dubbed Cambie Gardens, will consist of one 26-storey tower and one 22 storey tower, both residential, with a combined 294 units of residential market units, 14 Pearson replacement units with 44 beds, and 138 affordable housing units, totaling at 462,003 square feet. There will be 13,416 square feet of retail space.

Parcel C will comprise a 27 storey residential tower with 171 residential market units and 6 Pearson replacement units, totaling 183,309 square feet. There will be a 96,000 sq ft Community Health Centre, a 10,362 sq ft children’s day care, and residential site amenities at 32,570 sq ft. Lastly, there will be 17,220 sq ft of retail space.

Upon completion, Pearson Dogwood will serve as a communal hub, providing its residents with amenities, parks, health facilities, retail and more.

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