Longwood University Student Center

Longwood Student Cen

Integral Group is providing Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing design services for this state of the art student center. The building is located at the center of the campus and as such will become the campus “Village Center”. The student center will be visible from all sides, as a result there is no back side for services and utilities; loading docks, trash dumpsters, generator and transformers are integrated and hidden within the building façade. A chilled water plant is located at grade with steam provided by the campus central plant.

Displacement ventilation is planned for the conference center, ball room and other high volume areas. Radiant heating and cooling is planned for the office areas. The large kitchen hoods and the high ventilation needs will be satisfied by pre-treating outside air with dedicated outside air units with energy recovery and desiccant wheels. Capturing the energy exhausted through the hoods is being considered. Large windows and the two atria will bring the outdoors, indoors and provide generous day lighting. The building interior lighting will shut down when sufficient day light is available depending on the orientation. State of the art communication will be provided to inform, notify, direct and allow access to the campus networks throughout the facility.

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