Deparment of Housing & Urban Development

Washington DC

Integral Group is providing engineering services to Honeywell, the Energy Service Contractor for the project, in establishing Energy Conservation Measures (ECM’s) that are economically viable to be implemented in the facility. These ECM’s include:

  • Boiler Plant Improvements
  • Chiller Plant Improvements
  • Energy Management Control System (EMCS)
  • Heating, Ventilation, and Air-Conditioning (HVAC) system upgrades

Integral Group completed a Building Heating and Cooling Load Analysis to allow for system “right sizing,” and to determine the cost effectiveness of decommissioning the existing fan coil units, replacing the windows and for retrofitting a VAV system in the building. A Baseline Energy Model for the existing building was completed by Integral as well as Energy Models for each ECM including the window upgrade to predict the energy savings potential. In addition to the Energy Modeling, Integral is providing design documents for each of the viable ECM’s including:

  • Conversion of the steam to HW heating system to a natural gas HW boiler system
  • A variable primary pumping system for the heating system
  • Chiller piping modifications
  • A variable primary pumping system for the chilled water system
  • Adding cooling tower VFD’s
  • DDC Energy Management System upgrades
  • Conversion of a multi-zone system to a (VAV) system
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