Green Phoenix

Green Phoenix

The Green Phoenix Project is an initiative by the Parkdale United Church Foundation involving renovations and additions to a 52,000 ft² high rise and a second, 4300 ft² building. The larger building, Phoenix Place, houses the Parkdale United Church on the first floor, and has 10 storeys of affordable housing above. The smaller building, Shalom House, currently houses various community organizations.

The building is being retrofitted in response to concerns from the client about the availability of affordable, environmentally responsible housing in Toronto. Integrall Group was retained as the Sustainable Design Consultant for this project.

• Green roof with garden patio
• High efficiency glazing and insulation for new and existing buildings
• Ground source heat pump for space heating and cooling and domestic hot water
• Existing south wall clad by solar thermal collectors
• Rainwater collection and reuse
• Radiant heating and cooling delivery
• Desiccant based enthalpy recovery ventilation

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