Grand Villa Casino

The Grand Villa Casino is Burnaby’s sophisticated new two-story entertainment complex. The project has a total floor area of 290,000 sq. ft., which includes 120,000 sq. ft. dedicated to the casino and 35,000 sq. ft. for a convention centre and ballroom. The project features two levels of underground parking, as well as a food court, restaurants, lounge areas and a show lounge. The project also involves the complete renovation of the original 23-story hotel, which now includes a fitness area, a concierge lounge and hotel occupant meeting rooms.

Integral Group provided mechanical engineering services for the design of this crown-jewel project in the City of Burnaby. Project goals specified the design of an entertainment facility that offers a superior experience. Mechanical systems include an underfloor air displacement system that significantly improves indoor air quality and comfort conditions. Approximately 4,000 floor-level air diffusers deliver 100% fresh outdoor air supply. This ventilation system results in substantial energy savings by reducing the heating and cooling requirements. Energy savings are further offset by using heat recovery through water-to-water heat pumps at the exhaust air on each floor, heat recovery chillers and variable speed pumping technology. A radiant slab heating and cooling system was specified for the main atrium lobby with 45-foot ceilings.

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