Envision Credit Union

Envision Credit Union’s Willoughby Branch represents the company’s ongoing commitment to sustainability and responsible community development. Guided by this commitment the project goals specified the integration of green design principles and design targets were set on LEED Certification.

Integral Group provided mechanical design services and LEED consulting to help this project realize its sustainable goals. With energy as a forefront concern Envision turned to Green Power Certificates for 100% of its power requirements. For each certificate purchased BC Hydro will guarantee to use an equal amount of renewable electricity for the grid.

Working in harmony with nature, building design maximized daylighting while also created ample access to exterior views. Special care was exercised when selecting building materials and interior finishes. At least 16% of building materials were selected for recycled content while almost 50% were manufactured locally.

Another sustainable goal was water conservation. This was achieved through water efficient landscape design as well as dual flush toilets and waterless urinals. These combined features reduced potable water consumption by 42%. This equals approximately 130,000 litres of water savings annually.

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