Electronic Arts Phase II Expansion and Motion Capture Studio

Built in 1999, Electronic Arts is a campus-style office/studio complex located on 22 acres within Discovery Place in Burnaby, B.C. In 2006, an expansion to the original building was built to accommodate the business growth in game development. The Electronic Arts Phase II expansion project consists of three components: Phase IIa: An underground parkade with a soccer field above it is built.

Phase IIb: Production for a five-level 176,000 sq. ft. studio office building begins. It houses work areas for the development of Electronic Arts’ video game software as well as open office areas, a basketball sized gymnasium, and other amenities. Phase IIIa: • The 26,400 sq. ft. Motion Capture Studio is used to produce real life motion videos of characters created for specific video games.

Integral Group provided mechanical services for the expansion project as well as a two-stage renovation to the data centre located in the Phase I building. Phase II Studio and Phase IIIa Motion Capture Studio are interconnected mechanically with the common mechanical heating and cooling plant located in the Phase II Studio building. This approach reduces the duplication of major equipment and allows for efficient energy recovery and optimal use of the heating and cooling plant and reduction of standby losses. Other energy-saving features include an underground outdoor air-intake tempering tunnel that takes advantage of the constant ground temperature and pre-tempers the supply air. This reduces the energy required to wither heat and cool the incoming ventilation air. Additional sustainable solutions include: low-flow water fixtures, faucets with sensors and water detention tanks. A Direct Digital Control system continually optimizes building system operations and monitors consumption rates for future analysis.

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