El Camino Hospital | PV Array and Battery System

El Camino Hospital Rendering 1200x500

The new behavioral health services building at El Camino Hospital’s Mountain View campus is a ~50,000 square foot, $50 million facility aims to be state-of-the-art in both its patient care and its sustainable design. With a LEED Platinum target, the project is integrating innovative design strategies. Integral Group provided photovoltaic design as well as design services for the innovative microgrid battery storage system.

The El Camino Hospital BHS project includes a 750 kW / 1500 kWH battery storage system for demand reduction with a separate 1,000 kW PV system that will be mounted on the roof of the parking garage. The hospital can expect annual savings of $400,000 from this project.

El Camino Hospital did not incur any upfront costs for the battery system; Green Charge Networks paid for the upfront costs, and in return, the hospital will share the annual savings with Green Charge Networks.

As battery technology rapidly advances, large scale storage has matured beyond UPS systems and is being integrated at the building and at utility scale for demand reduction and the creation of resilient microgrids. Integral did its first microgrid design in 2007.

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