Confidential Tech Campus


The expanded campus encompasses extensive renovations of current facilities along with 128,000 square feet of new construction. The project also includes the restoration of 6.2 acres of parking to its native “creekside” habitat, and the addition of a 3.7-acre green roof. Integral Group is providing electrical, daylighting, and photovoltaic (PV) design services for the project.

Integral Group provided electrical design, daylight analysis, and photovoltaic system design services for the project. Our design solutions emphasize reliability, flexibility, safety, and energy efficiency. The electrical system includes two separate pieces of switchgear rated to maintain the full load of the campus, to maintain energy use in the case of power failure in one of the switchboards. The system also includes high-efficiency transformers, which minimize heat loss and reduce or eliminate the need for mechanical cooling in electrical rooms.

Our daylight distribution analysis ensures that all potential workstations are provided with daylight access. The PV system will generate a minimum of 25% of the campus’s energy needs. Its innovative layout places solar panels not only on rooftops, but also on canopies overhanging the building perimeter, and on trellises around the rooftop dining areas.

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