Confidential Masterplan, Istanbul

This masterplan will regenerate an entire district of Istanbul to create a high-density, transit-oriented development that can sustainably meet demands for new homes and jobs.

A key challenge of this project was to advise the Urban Design team at an early stage when several design options could have been explored. The floor areas and end-uses were not fixed and could significantly change during the masterplanning concept development.

To understand the resource intensity of the development and to get a sense of scale of the carbon footprint of the masterplan, Elementa built a simplified notional model of an urban block and tested it using Sefaira Concept Analysis software. The use of this software helped focus on major impacts of a range of design options and to easily change assumptions and scenarios – using a dynamic dashboard to present results.

The cost-effective approach to rapid energy, carbon and water demand simulation that was developed that can be applied to any large scale project.

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