Natalia Locke

Associate, Los Angeles, CA

Natalia is the BIM Manager of Integral Group’s Los Angeles office with over 20 years of experience. She is passionate about optimization, making processes more efficient, embracing new technology, and developing the mechanics to simplify and enrich models with data. Before Integral Group, Natalia has worked as an office BIM leader, senior designer, and project manager, and has learned to listen and understand the client’s needs as well as a vision of what people need and want from a space or a building.

Natalia has been an active user of BIM software since 2000, andwas invited to preview the first application to produce 3D drawings utilizing Autodesk Building System. She has been responsible for creating and implementing BIM standards and a BIM execution plan. Natalia enjoys that with the use of BIM, the design team can predict a built environment with greater certainty and thus create higher quality and more accurate design documents.

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