Elementa Produces Whitepaper with Merck Window Technologies – Chasing Transparency

Elementa Consulting have recently completed a study with Merck Window Technologies to explore the performance of their liquid crystal window (LCW) in relation to well-established façade design challenges. The dynamic glazing product is set to address several limitations of existing market alternatives with its neutral colour-rendering and ability to rapidly switch between clear and tinted states. Throughout the study, the Merck LCW is compared with established facade design solutions, such as closed-cavity façade systems, fixed external shading and solar control coatings, to establish how the technology fits within the industry’s palette of options.

Click on the video to hear Associate Principal, David Barker describe the study and Merck glass attributes.

Bruce Nicol, head of Global Design at Merck commented, “Working with the team at Elementa provided Merck the opportunity to let a team of independent professionals look closely at what our liquid crystal technology can truly bring as beneficial to facade design and energy efficiency, along with an appraisal of actual occupant wellbeing and comfort. The resultant white paper has proved to be very intriguing with far better conclusions than we had anticipated. The freshness Elementa brought in approaching the study has made for an easily accessible document of what could become a series of study works as we push the properties of the flexible dynamic glass technology further.”

Elementa will be launching the Merck report in February with a breakfast event at our London office. If you are interested in finding out more on the upcoming launch, please email: [email protected]nsulting.com