J. Craig Venter Institute Architizer A+ Winner

Comprising diverse and innovative global projects from starchitects to emerging firms, this year’s winners represent the best new architecture, interiors, and products. A highly-esteemed jury of over 300 industry leaders selected the five finalists in each category.

Craig Venter Institute has won the Architecture + Sustainability Award. This not-for-profit research Institute, dedicated to the advancement of the science of genomics, needed a west coast home and wanted the layout of the building to encourage interaction, while addressing the Institute’s ambitious sustainability goals. Designed to achieve LEED-Platinum certification and a net-zero energy footprint, the building is the first net-zero energy biological laboratory in the U.S., and quite possibly in the world. The project was completed in December 2013.

Integral Group designed the mechanical and electrical systems for the Institute’s new high performance genomics and scientific research laboratory, to achieve net zero energy usage. The laboratory is the first net zero energy lab in the world, a carbon neutral lab, without “buying” carbon offsets, and a minimum of 50 percent less energy use and on-site power generation.

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