Integral Impact Release

Celebrating ten years of deep green engineering, Impact tells the story of Integral Group through the projects, people, and endeavors that most encapsulate its ethos and influence.

Building a Smarter Mousetrap highlights Integral Group’s impact in the realm of engineering and building services. This chapter explores Integral’s contributions in performance modeling, including their modeling tool, IntegralDRIVE. Integral’s work on and with FLEXLAB is discussed and examples of evidence-based design are featured.

In Chapter Two, Green for All, Integral Group’s contributions to the democratization of green buildings are brought into focus. Featuring projects that break through the cost barrier and bring zero net energy to an affordable and profitable price point, this chapter explores Integral’s affordable housing work. The chapter continues, highlighting how Integral teams are scaling up—bringing sustainability to more people by tackling projects at neighborhood, city, and district scale.

Impacting Health and Happiness features Integral Group’s contributions to healthy spaces. From work on the WELL standard and Fitwel, to innovations in lighting and health, and integration of social justice into their own offices, this chapter probes the many ways Integral Group is helping to shape the conversation around health and the built environment.

Bringing it all together, Chapter Five focuses on Integral Group’s impact on environmental sustainability writ large. This chapter delves into how Integral Group, through strategic communication and technical expertise, is impacting some of the greenest buildings on the planet.

Integral Group is offering a free digital copy of Integral Impact.  Read the full book below.