Integral Group to Present at Building Simulation 2017

Next week, the largest simulation conference in the world will take place in San Francisco, CA. A biennial meeting, this extraordinary international event is not one to miss!

Held at the Hyatt Regency, International Building Performance Simulation Association‘s Building Simulation 2017 will feature presentations and discussions from leading practitioners and researchers from around the world. Included are Integral Group’s Principal and Energy & Sustainability Director, Ali Nazari, and Building Performance Engineers, Matthew Dahlhausen, Stefan Gracik, An-Lei Huang, and Jared Landsman.

Energy Modelers Think Like Programmers. Let Programmers Think Like Energy Modelers | Tuesday, August 8th, 8:00 am – 9:15 am in Grand Ballroom A, Room 2
An-Lei Huang will be hosting a modeling charette with Xing Chen (Stantec), Peter Ellis (Big Ladder Software), and Weili Xu (BuildSimHub). The level of attention of open-source tools and programming skills is rising among the community. This charrette aims to provide a platform for energy modeling practitioners to discuss the current advantages and barriers of automation in the current modeling workflow.

Strategies for Passive Survivability in Existing Schools | Tuesday, August 8th, 11:15 am – 12:30 pm in Seacliff CD
Using different stages of building simulation, Stefan Gracik and Jared Landsman, will demonstrate passive survivability pathways in school design, Illustrate the applicability of different passive design strategies for three climates and building types, and describe the impacts on energy and thermal comfort in three scenarios: conventional design, resilient power mode, and no HVAC.

Introduction to Open Web Tools Mini-Workshop | Tuesday, August 8th, 3:30 pm – 4:45 pm in Meeting Room 7
In his panel discussion, Matthew Dahlhausen introduces using web technologies for building analysis, including D3.js to make interactive visualizations and three.js for 3D modeling. The presenters will demonstrate how they used these technologies to build several free, open-source building analysis tools. Then, there will be an interactive workshop with simple examples to get coding.

Professional Practice Guidelines for Energy Modeling Services | Wednesday, August 9th, 11:15 am – 12:30 pm in Meeting Room 7
Presenting alongside EnerSys Analytics Inc.’s Curt Hepting, Ali Nazari will cover the newly developed guidelines providing direction on professional practice in building energy performance modeling. They will define the necessary minimum qualification to be a qualified modeler, and the responsibilities the title carries.

Be sure to register to access sessions led by Integral Group and many other industry leaders as they give their outlook on upcoming simulation developments!