Integral Light Studio Team Members Receive IES Illumination Awards of Merit

(Vancouver, BC): Integral Group Light Studio designers – Associate Principal Gary Rhode and Associate Ellie Niakan – were recently honored with multiple awards from both the Illuminating Engineering Society (IES) and the provincial British Columbia chapter (IESBC). The 2017 IES Illumination Awards recognizes outstanding lighting engineers and designers for their local and international projects.

Rhode and Niaken both earned an IES 2017 Illumination Merit Award for their respective projects, the TELUS Garden Office Tower and the Nadleh Whut’en Administration & Cultural Building (designed while Niaken was at MMM Group/WSP). Both were also acknowledged by IESBC for their lighting designs. Robyn York, IESBC’s chair member and lighting specialist at Inform Contract, explains “The application of lighting techniques and controls submitted this year were highly innovative and it was inspiring to see new ways to illuminate a space.”

Rhode received one of two Awards of Excellence for Energy and Environmental Lighting Design for his work on the TELUS Garden Office Tower. Rhodes’s electrical design revolutionized sustainable lighting control. Key features incorporated into the lighting design included LED technology for all exterior site lighting and the facilitation of daylight harvesting using dimming drivers. Minimizing light trespass was also essential, as the site is bordered by residential neighborhoods. Dark sky friendly lighting and directional LED luminaires were installed, and bi-level controls were operated on a time-of-day schedule. TELUS Garden serves as a landmark project in every aspect, and Rhode’s award winning design further solidifies its performance.

Niaken also received an IESBC Vision Award in Outdoor Lighting Design for her work on the Vancouver Creekside Paddling Centre (designed while Niaken was at MMM Group/WSP). Niakan was the first in Canada to have earned the International Lighting Designer Certification and the distinction of Certified Lighting Designer. Her expertise is shown in her work on this project which features revolutionary, innovative lighting design perfect for the scenic harbor front. The evenly illuminated group of sheds look brighter when the work mode is activated and are illuminated softer after the working hours by activating lantern mode. Exterior-rated wall-mounted adjustable LED luminaires above the doors provide the outdoor work lighting for the paddlers if required. A sense of subtlety was necessary for the unique design to preserve the impact of the cities nearby landmarks.

Lighting is one of the most underrated and essential aspects of building design. The IES Illumination Awards realize this and recognize outstanding work such as Ellie’s and Gary’s design, with hopes to inspire future projects.