Elementa’s Edward Garrod and Clara Bagenal George due to speak at Building Lasting Change 2017.

We are proud to confirm that Edward Garrod and Clara Bagenal George from our London studio have been selected to headline a talk at the International Conference, Building Lasting Change 2017. The event, which is taking place at the Vancouver Convention Centre from the 30th May-1st June, is Canada’s largest green building industry event and is known for activating connections, delivering world class learning opportunities and cultivating inspiration and innovation. The conference is run by the Canadian Green Building Council, who alongside Green Building Councils from around the globe, mission is to reduce the environmental impact of the built environment.

Edward and Clara will be presenting ‘Transitioning Beyond Co-Generation’ which will explore why they believe Energy Policy in the UK is broken. The session will seek to understand why The Energy Policy in the UK – led by London – actively promotes the uptake of combined heat and power systems (co-gen) in buildings to reduce carbon emissions, decentralize energy generation, and capture energy cost savings. They will discuss why this needs to be challenged as co-gen’s economic and technical viability continues to be undermined by lower heating demands as building envelopes are improved and lower hot water demands as water efficiency is increased. Growing concerns will be explained including co-gen’s impact on urban air quality, and as electricity grids decarbonize the carbon emissions reductions offered by co-gen disappear and ultimately understand if co-gen is no longer viable.

Their talk falls within the ‘Cutting Edge International Innovation’ theme at the conference, which is focusing on what Canada can learn from innovators and projects across the globe to move toward zero carbon and environmental footprint buildings and communities.

Edward and Clara, are both key members of the sustainability department at Elementa Consulting and build upon on their recent success of presenting ‘London’s Energy Plan is Broken’ seminar at Elementa’s Ecobuild themed breakfast last month.

About the Speakers:

Edward Garrod – Principal – MBA MA(Cantab) MPhil DipArch LEED AP
Edward is Head of Integrated Design and Sustainability at Elementa and has served as a member of the UK Green Building Council’s “Rapid Response Team” and is now a member of their Leaders’ Network. Edward has earnt an international reputation as a thought-provoking and inspirational speaker addressing a wide range of topics from microclimate to wellbeing, energy strategy to innovative urban design.

Clara Bagenal George – Environmental Designer – MEng Low Carbon consultant
Clara, who was recently crowned this year’s UK Green Building Council, Rising Star award, is extremely passionate about the environment and reducing carbon emission through both her professional and personal life. She regularly challenges London Borough Energy Officers using her models of future carbon emissions scenarios – questioning benefits of fossil fired district heating systems and CHP.