Elementa’s Clara Bagenal George Wins UKGBC Rising Star Award

Elementa Consulting (a member of Integral Group) is delighted to announce Clara Bagenal George has won the UK Green Building Council, Rising Star award – a massive achievement. Clara is an environmental design engineer at Elementa and won the award for her above and beyond achievements in helping reduce carbon emissions, both through her professional work and personal achievements.

Competition for the prestigious award was stiff, and over 90 nominations were submitted. Launched in 2013 by the UK Green Building Council and PRP, the award honors the memory of Mel Starrs, a prominent built environment practitioner and Associate Director who sadly passed away in 2012.

Kevin Hydes, CEO & Founder of Integral Group, explains, “this award couldn’t have gone to a more deserving person. Clara truly embodies the ideals of the deep green movement, and it was especially satisfying to see her win this award on International Women’s Day.”

The award itself is an opportunity for companies to nominate a colleague or peer who has made a real difference to the sustainability agenda. Within Elementa, Clara is a shining star of the sustainability team and acts as a change agent for the company. She has implemented and designed new tools to be used within sustainable design, leads regular talks to peers, university students and school pupils inspiring the next generation of engineers, as well as publishing her findings to the wider industry. As well as Clara’s outstanding professional achievements, she dedicates her free time further practicing her passion for sustainability. Clara is a regular volunteer at Greenpeace working on various campaigns and has also spent time in Peru, working with a NGO called WindAid, constructing wind turbines and installing them in a village without grid electricity.

While these are only a handful of the examples of the work Clara has completed within sustainability and the built environment, Elementa couldn’t be prouder of her amazing achievement.

Quotes from the people who nominated Clara…

“Clara is a change agent at Elementa – influencing how we work and how we live up to our mission as ‘deep green’ engineers” Ed Garrod – Elementa Consulting

 “Clara is most definitely one of the most passionate people I have met in the field and it is inspiring to see someone who just a few years ago was in my current position, now be so successful in the engineering field. I whole heartedly believe she is worthy of this award and is a role model for all young women (and all other engineering students) wanting to go into this field.” Shreya Radia – Summer Intern at Elementa

“As a volunteer Clara continues to stand out for her excitement to help in the community of Playa Blanca and also helps WindAid by promoting and sharing her experiences in Peru as a university lecturer in the U.K. I remember especially her relentless positivity and what a pleasure it was to work with her.” Jess Rivas – WindAid Institute Co-Founder & Director

“Clara is a very forward thinking, dynamic person who cares passionately about the world we live in and making it a better place” Lisa Thompson – Camden Coordinator, Greenpeace