Elementa Present Fitwel to UCL Students

With health and wellbeing remaining high on the agenda as we close 2017, Elementa invited selected Master students from University College London to take a tour of our Fitwel 2 star accredited London office and understand our journey to certification. Led by Environmental Engineer Marco Treglia, the visit began with a presentation into Elementa’s achievement in securing the first Fitwel certified office in Europe and how the cost-effective, high-Impact building certification can support health and well-being in a variety of buildings.

Marco’s presentation further explained how the certification system works and the steps that can be applied anywhere to improve a building’s efficiency for occupant health. The trip concluded with a walk around the office illuminating many of the steps applied including biophilia, standing desks and a wellness corner.

“It has been a real pleasure sharing with UCL students our own journey to improve the health, well-being and happiness of our employees in our new London office through Fitwel.” Marco explained. “It has been a great day and the students were able to share with us their personal perspective and leave useful feedback on our office environment. The high expectations of the new generation of professionals is a clear and positive sign that the whole industry is going to change.”

Fitwel, is a building certification system that optimizes building occupant health and productivity through targeted improvements to workplace design and operational policies. Fitwel has been honoured as one of the 2017 Top 10 Most Innovative Companies in Social Good by Fast Company, in which it was recognized for its ability to catalyze industry transformation of workplaces to promote health. Earlier this year Integral and Elementa committed to certifying four offices in three countries and have achieved three of these to date.