Elementa contribute to citizen science study, monitoring air pollution at our offices

Elementa Consulting are contributing to a major ‘citizen science’ study of air pollution in the UK, curated by King’s College London and Friends of the Earth. The project’s goal is to map pollution across the country by deploying thousands of Clean Air Kits to monitor pollution levels in the places that matter to citizens.

Air pollution is a serious problem in London, with the last few months seeing pollution levels reaching an all-time high. This has prompted Mayor of London Sadiq Khan to advise Londoners with respiratory problems to avoid going outside and for schools in the capital to consider reducing outdoor activity for children.

To gather data for the study, we have mounted a Clean Air test tube next to the entrance of our London office, located at Bank in the heart of the financial district. The tube will be in place for two weeks and then sent for analysis in a specialist lab to measure Nitrogen Dioxide exposure.

For the last eight months Elementa have also been monitoring the internal air quality of our offices using a Foobot monitor. The use of this monitor is designed to give us a better understanding of how our working environment could be impacting our health, and the data collected has informed the development of our own Indoor Air Quality Management Plan.

Alkyoni Papasifaki who is leading our involvement in the study explains; “This is a fantastic opportunity for Londoners to contribute to a better understanding of local pollution levels around their homes or workplaces. I believe that when we become aware of our exposure to pollution we are empowered to change our own behaviours and lobby for change within our communities.”

If you would like to get involved, sign up at:

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