David & Lucile Packard Foundation achieved Net Zero Energy Certification

The David and Lucile Packard Foundation announced today that it has achieved its goal of operating its headquarters building at net zero energy by generating more than enough electricity to meet its needs during the first full year of occupancy. The 49,000 square foot building, located at 343 Second Street, is the largest building to date to receive Net Zero Energy Building Certification™ through the International Living Future Institute (ILFI).

Integral Group performed the full Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing design; commissioned; optimized controls on the Allerton building management system; and performed measurement and verfication for the building. The building’s high efficient systems and building envelope reduce energy demand by 50% over baseline, while the remaining required power is supplied by onsite power generation. The project uses 50% less water than baseline, and captures and filters all rainwater. The facility also features naturally ventilated curtain walls and a green roof.

The project also earned a LEED Platinum Certification from the US Green Building Council