Bishop O’Dowd and Sonoma Academy Win New Buildings Institute ZNE School Leadership Awards

Bishop O’Dowd High School Center for Environmental Studies received the 2017 New Buildings Institute ZNE School Leadership Award for the Outstanding Building – Zero Net Energy Verified category. Designed to complement the Living Lab—a 4.5-acre hillside restoration site, ecological study area, and wildlife habitat at the perimeter of the campus—a new building and landscape elements tie the Living Lab to the campus core. The school currently operates at a gross EUI of 18 kBtu/sqft/year, and produces an EUI of 19 kBtu/sqft/year, so overall the school uses a net positive EUI of -1 kBtu/sqft/year.

Bishop O'Dowd NBI Award
Nika Parsa, Associate, accepting the Leadership Award on behalf of the Bishop O’Dowd High School team

Sonoma Academy was also awarded the 2017 NBI  ZNE School Leadership Award – Team category for their integrated design approach to their new Grange and Studios facilities. The AEC team for Sonoma Academy is targeting LEED Platinum, Living Building Challenge and zero net energy.  The project is projected to achieve a net positive EUI of -4.85 kBtu/sqft/year.

Sonoma Academy
Sonoma Academy AEC Team, including Integral Group electrical engineer,  Annette Malekandrasians, accepting their Team Leadership Award.

The New Building Institute School Leadership Awards honor high-performance buildings that combine energy efficiency and renewable resources to produce at least as much energy as they consume annually, and California is leading the nation in the transformation of K-12 and community colleges to ZNE performance.

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