Nathan Millar joins the line-up for an ECN Thought Leadership Breakfast

How sustainable are our education buildings?

The DfE’s sustainable approach to the design and construction of new facilities, as stated in their Output Specification, aims to deliver a “cost-effective and resource-efficient facility” that optimises passive design measures and minimises the use of all resources with an efficient approach to maintenance, life cycle replacement and facilities management.

It expects strategies to be implemented to operate facilities that record all targets for the key aspects of environmental performance and monitors the performance of the new buildings in operation against these targets.

Is this however the best approach to ensure the provision of a sustainable education building? Come and join us as our panel of experts discuss:

  • What do we consider a sustainable education building to be?

  • Does the DfE’s Output specification set an appropriate benchmark for sustainable design?

  • What criteria and benchmarks should we be measuring?

  • Has the design of renewable technology improved significantly to the benefit of the education estate?

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Date(s): June 27, 2019

Time: 7:45am

Speaker: Nathan Millar