Alberta Sustainable Building Symposium

Please join Integral Group at the 20th Annual Alberta Sustainable Building Symposium on Wednesday, September 20, 2017 hosted by the CaGBC Alberta Chapter at the Lister Conference Centre.

Integral Group CEO & Founder, Kevin Hydes, will give the closing keynote speech:


From Past to Present – All Paths LEED to Green Buildings | 4:45pm

An intimate view of the journey to developing CaGBC from the co-founder of the CaGBC, with key milestones highlighted to provide a global yet local perspective of the progression of CaGBC. The history of the movement is key to understanding the next chapter of the sustainability, especially as it relates to the social, health and wellness aspects of a project. Key innovations in technology and process are highlighted to showcase the progress made to date, with a focus on cold climate buildings which faces stark differences in passive and sustainable designs.

Also presenting will be Ellie Niakan, Associate, Lighting Planning and Melanie Ross, Associate, Sustainability:


The Link Between Human Centric Lighting Design & Sustainable Building | Ellie Niakan | 1:30pm

During the course of human history the architects and designers have raised awareness about the importance of designing with sustainable materials. We constantly research for innovative design approaches and technologies which provide environmental friendly solutions.

It is referred to light as the fourth dimension of architecture, an unseen medium which impacts the spaces dramatically. In the recent years the researchers have studied this medium and its impact on human health more in depth. As result, a sustainable lighting design solution has gone beyond energy efficiency, codes and standards. Quality lighting is related to its spectrum, intensity, duration and even its direction.

This presentations provides understanding on how exposure to daylight and electric light can impact human health in a negative or positive way. It describes various ways the quality lighting design embraces light as an active and tangible building material to create a user-centric space. It explains the direct relationship between lighting and sustainable design based on various case studies in various application.


Redefining Sustainability | Melanie Ross | 3:30pm

What does sustainability really mean? It is a term that is thrown around to describe a whole host of building processes and practices. We tend to focus on specific areas in building design – from energy and water use to transit and storm water systems to name a few – but not on other areas such as universal design and health that are inherently sustainable by nature. We also treat sustainability as an add-on and not as an integral part of the process, as if it’s optional in today’s current climate.

This presentation will explore other concepts that are inherently sustainable as well as how to integrate these concepts and apply sustainable systems thinking to your design and building process. With audience feedback, we will redefine what makes a project truly sustainable and identify key strategies to incorporate into your next project.

For more information about this conference and to register, visit: Alberta Sustainable Building Symposium

Date(s): September 20, 2017

Time: 7:30am - 5:30pm

Speaker: Kevin Hydes, Ellie Niakan, Melanie Ross