2018 ASHRAE Winter Conference

Please join Integral Group President and CEO, Kevin Hydes, at the 2018 ASHRAE Winter Conference in the seminar:


This seminar draws on the experience of senior industry practitioners who will show how robust, but not extreme, engineering practice that is accessible to all building professionals delivers buildings that are not just ‘fit for purpose,’ but can excel in performance and be delivered in time. The speakers present both the high level picture as well as essential details that deliver success. The seminar identifies the essential characteristics required to deliver high performance buildings and then explores real-world examples of project techniques that have a proven record in new-build, retrofit and the critical commissioning process.

Kevin will present on the topic:

Retrofitting to Net Zero Energy

From an industrial warehouse to a showcase workplace, the transformation of the DPR Construction office was the result of a strategic upgrade of an underutilized two-story 24,000 sf building. The team was faced with the challenge of retrofitting a building to net positive energy on a typical market rate budget within a total design and construction schedule of 10 months. Located in a dense urban environment surrounded by adjacent, taller buildings and a heavily trafficked road, the team navigated many obstacles all the while maintaining a focus on innovation, social responsibility and of course, sustainability. The result was a Net Positive Energy Office that proves sustainable buildings can be cost effective by using “off the shelf” technologies to reduce energy demand, total carbon emissions and improve indoor environmental quality. The project delivers exceptional energy efficiency and 94% occupant satisfaction. The building has zero onsite combustion while being 100% electric and annually generating more renewable energy from the roof mounted solar panels than it consumes. The first Zero Net Energy office in San Francisco, it fosters DPR’s company culture, demonstrating the latest in ‘green’ technology and serves as a connection to members of both their industry and community alike.

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Date(s): January 22, 2018

Time: 2:15pm - 3:45pm

Speaker: Kevin Hydes, President & CEO