Wolf Ridge Environmental Learning Center

Wolf Ridge Environmental Learning Center

The goal of Wolf Ridge Environmental Learning Center (WRELC) is to be a cutting-edge, replicable sustainable building. WRELC is on the map as the home of the best sustainable buildings in the world, on track to achieve Living Building Challenge (LBC) version 2.1 certification.

Integral Group, in collaboration with HGA Architects, designed a remodel of the existing dorms and added additional housing with systems that allow the resources used in each room to be monitored, encouraging occupants to practice sustainable behaviors.

The Wolf Ridge Environmental Learning Center’s legacy is creating an experience that changes people and their behavior; influencing home, school, community, and the next generation. The new living-learning facilities will embody nature’s teaching power and create an inspiring “home away from home” experience that is both physically and emotionally satisfying. The buildings will be an integral part of the environmental learning process with visible, interactive sustainability features that help change attitudes and behavior.

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