Wellpoint Data Center

To support Wellpoint’s mission of customer support, one of the main features of the facility is the data center, which is comprised of approximately 25,000-square-foot and is designed to expand to 55,000-square-foot. Contained in this area is the distributed network processing and mainframe batch processing equipment, the Network Operations Center (NOC), and data storage facilities. The building is equipped with an electronic direct digital control (DDC) and building automation system (BAS) which controls all functions of the HVAC systems and provides monitoring of the HVAC systems, UPS systems, stand-by and emergency generator systems, computer room air-conditioning systems, and the building’s fire protection systems.

The Data Center expansion involved adding raised floor area to data center function to provided additional space for servers and mainframes. The project complexity was challenging due to the aggressive schedule (August design start with February completion) and a very limited shutdown window (Friday night until Monday morning) of the existing data center to test and bring the new systems on line.

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