Visitacion Valley | Phase 1

Visitacion Valley

Visitacion Valley is a 20-acre brownfield site in San Francisco has been sitting vacant since the Schlage Lock Factory closed its doors in 1999. Bayside Development seeks to redevelop the area into a livable mixed-use community with access to mass transit, and infrastructure to encourage biking and walking. Well-designed parks and plazas will weave together the urban community.

The first phase of the redevelopment project is designed to include 410 residential units alongside retail space and a grocery store. Working with Pyatok Architecture + Urban Design, Integral Group’s mechanical, electrical, and plumbing design strategies include the use of horizontal water-to-air heat pumps in the residential areas. Condenser water loops will serve these heat pumps, which efficiently condition the air in the housing units. The main heat source for domestic hot water in the complex will be solar thermal panels, which eliminate the need for domestic gas boilers.

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