University of Toronto | Koffler Research Centre

The live-in research facility, located in King City Ontario, attracts researchers who live at the facility while conducting environmental science research in the area. As the location is in the forest, it is critically important to ensure that the building has a limited environmental impact. The building targets net zero energy, net zero carbon, and LEED Gold while preserving and enhancing the site’s natural character.

An integrated design approach has been taken in developing the building design with the architect. Modelling solar PV potential, natural ventilation, passive heating/cooling, thermal comfort, natural ventilation, and building energy has been measured at the project outset. This has allowed the team to optimize the architectural, M/E and renewable energy systems to achieve the project goals. The integrated approach has allowed the team to include large operable windows to bring in natural light and views and, allowing for passive ventilation strategies, all while maintaining excellent energy efficiency and comfort.

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