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The University of Sydney’s Engineering and Technology Precinct (ETP) is a step towards achieving the University’s ambition to make a more sustainable campus, including strategies to reinvigorate and retain existing structures, wherever possible.

Integral Group used OneClick LCA to perform a life cycle assessment on the ETP design, 50% of which consists of a pre-existing structure. Compared to a business as usual demolition and construction project, ETP’s strategy will result in the following reductions of environmental impacts throughout its life cycle:

• -26% Green-house gas emissions
• -49% Ozone depletion potential
• -27% Acidification
• -27% Eutrophication
• -32% Formation of ozone lower atmosphere
• -48% Abiotic depletion

The redevelopment of the campus’s 1960’s electrical engineering building will include a refurbishment and the addition of a new 10-story wing, including new research and teaching laboratories.

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