University of California, Davis | California Avenue Net Zero Lecture Hall

UC Davis’s newest lecture hall houses almost 600 seats, flexible learning space with state-of-the-art audio visual equipment, community gathering areas that extend to the courtyard, and food and beverage space. Integral Group provided mechanical and electrical engineering and sustainable design services during a highly-collaborative design process with the architect and University.
The project is designed to be Zero Net Energy Ready, giving the University the option to provide solar photovoltaics at a later date. The Integral team also worked closely with the University on a solar thermal collection system to export to a future campus hot water loop.

To support the use of 100% daylight, the Integral Light Studio provided exceptional daylighting studies to ensure lighting troughs and other natural lighting sources illuminate the students and desks—and not the presentation screens—in all daylighting conditions. The screens are not traditional projection screens, but rather they are made of special tiles that reject light from other directions, helping to allow for the full daylighting.

The new lecture hall represents the campus’s first significant addition of classroom space in more than a decade, and is now the largest lecture hall on campus.


  • 100% Daylit
  • Solar Thermal Collection System
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