University of California, Los Angeles | Mo Ostin Basketball Center

UCLA Mo Ostin Basketball

This new, state-of-the-art training facility serves both the men’s and women’s intercollegiate basketball programs at UCLA. Located near Pauley Pavilion, this dedicated training facility provides not only an improved training experience, but also more flexibility by allowing concurrent scheduling of facilities. The new, privately-funded building includes men’s and women’s practice gyms, locker rooms, and an athletic training room, among other ancillary spaces and amenities.

Integral Group provided mechanical, electrical and plumbing design services for the conceptual design phase of the project, in addition to lighting design, daylighting design, and sustainability consulting. Our designers assisted the client in outlining potential passive and active low-energy strategies, and guiding exterior façade and interior organization for optimal ways to capture light, natural airflows and thermal energy.

Integral Light Studio executed daylight simulation to analyze the specification of the large ETFE clerestory windows, working to balance light intake with thermal comfort and control. The University had a directive that the light levels would not only meet Division 1 athletics illumination level criteria, but would also match the light levels in Pauley Pavilion to ensure consistency of playing atmosphere for the athletes. Our analysis ensured that the daylight provided in new facility matched that provided by the all-electric lighting in the Pavilion.

Our design team highlighted strategies for achieving 20% better than Title 24 Part 6. The building was required to attain LEED Gold rating in accordance with the University of California Regent’s Policy on Sustainable Practices. This requirement was surpassed and the project is certified LEED Platinum.

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