University of California, Santa Cruz | Biomedical Sciences Facility

The building includes four floors of laboratory, office, and administrative functions over a basement level vivarium. This project provides interdisciplinary wet laboratory space and core specialized facilities for scientists concentrating in health and medical disciplines including Molecular and Cellular Biology, Chemistry and Biochemistry, Environmental Toxicology and Biomolecular Engineering.

The building is located adjacent to the Physical Sciences Building and the Science Library and is within close proximity to Sinsheimer Laboratories, Thimann Laboratories and Baskin Engineering Building. These proximities create a biomedical “research cluster” of buildings arranged byresearch interest rather than departments resulting in a compact hub of interdisciplinary research collaboration.

Innovative energy efficient mechanical design features include induction diffusers (chilled beams); night time turndown to 4 ACH in open labs; reduction from 15 ACH to 10 ACH in the vivarium; and pre-cooling and pre-heating of outside air with campus condenser water.

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