UC Berkeley Haas School of Business

To accommodate for the student body growth and flexibility in programming, the School is undergoing a renovation, reorganization and new construction to provide facilities that enhance the dynamic academic programs. Integral Group is providing full mechanical, electrical, and plumbing design services for this new 6-story building. The building, located at the north of the existing Cheit Hall will include teaching facilities, library, student services, faculty offices, cafe, event space, classrooms, and unprogrammed “in between” spaces.

The mechanical systems will be designed to use significantly less energy than standard buildings and the plumbing design will strive to lower water use in the building by at least 35% and maximize the use of reclaimed water. Design features include a dual chilled water loop, cooling tower and chilled beams for air cooling, dynamic high-efficiency air filters for reduced maintenance and increased air quality, and an innovative kitchen ventilation design that utilizes a variable volume laminer flow supply plenum that provides untempered makeup air to the grill hood, maximizing energy savings while maintaining occupant comfort. Water-saving features include a rainwater catchment and storage system in the basement, reclaimed water for toilets, a stormwater retention system, and high efficiency plumbing fixtures.

Integral also provided energy modeling services to develop a shading strategy to maximize user comfort while allowing for large amounts of glass to be featured in the design.

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