Tregunter Road

This project consisted of a new build, high end, three storey residential property (plus an additional two storey basement). The property consists of such features as a swimming pool, sauna, billiards room and home cinema room. The project utilises an existing site located on Tregunter Road by maximising the building area through the careful and considered use of multiple basement levels so as not to effect the property in relation to the surrounding buildings.

Elementa provided a full detailed design for all mechanical, electrical, public health and below ground drainage services. A complex below ground drainage system was designed to collect foul water which would be pumped back out to the existing outfall level.

Another complex issue Elementa resolved, was the rainwater collection and distribution. Planning permission permitted that the collection and distribution of rainwater could not exceed the allowance that was previously in place at the property before the basement components were built underneath the existing garden (which would of previously collected a large percentage of rainwater due to the depth of soil). To address this issue, Elementa designed a tank that collects the rainwater below ground and distributes it back into the public.

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