Elementary Teachers’ Federation of Ontario

The Elementary Teachers Federation of Ontario (ETFO) has set a benchmark in sustainable design with its headquarters targeting LEED Platinum certification. The project consists of a new stand alone four storey office building that provides a home for the Elementary Teachers
Federation of Ontario.
Integral Group provided mechanical sustainable design services, LEED coordination, and building energy simulation for this 4-storey structure with construction budget of $30M.
The project comprises a number of sustainability initiatives. One of the first installations of a geo-exchange field within the footprint of the building allowed the contractor a three-month head start on construction which helped to meet ETFO’s anticipated move-in schedule. The vertical field is installed within a series of vertical boreholes below the building providing a renewable re-source to address thermal comfort within the building. A displacement ventilation scheme has been implemented via an underfloor air distribution system, with a dedicated outdoor air handling units (DOAS) providing 100% outdoor air. The  mechanical/electrical systems are installed in an access floor space of each of the building’s four storeys. A low-volume, low velocity ventilation system disperses fresh air from raised floor plenums. Thermal comfort is provided via a series of two pipe and four pipe capillary mats – flexible hydronic mats which sit above a perforated ceiling to provide radiant heating and cooling. A large portion of the roof which is covered in a mat of ground cover acts as an insulation barrier and as a filter to pretreat rainwater captured in a cistern for reuse in landscape irrigation. A second rainwater cistern is used for toilets and urinals. The elementary education headquarters features a building envelope with a sophisticated series of automated solar shades. To prevent the shades from damage, sensors that detect high winds enable a mechanism to retract the shades into a protective cover.

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