Swarthmore College Roadmap To Zero

Swarthmore College Roadmap To Zero

Swarthmore College aims to become a carbon-neutral campus by 2035. The college retained Integral Group to develop and evaluate campus decarbonization strategies, including financial analysis, and develop an implementation plan. Several strategies and specific technical scenarios were developed and evaluated.

All scenarios included a transition from their existing steam system to a new low-temperature thermal (LTT) campus heating and cooling network. The proposed solution relies on heat pump/ heat recovery chiller technology that would capture and recover low-grade waste heat between simultaneous heating and cooling on campus. This is coupled with on-site low-grade renewable energy sources, including a vertical closed-loop geo-exchange system. The scope also included a review of the campus electric grid capacity and reliability, and developing and evaluating campus micro-grid opportunities.

Following the completion of the Roadmap to Zero, Integral Group was retained to complete the design for the recommended solutions. The schematic and design development for the central plant, geo-exchange field, and campus low-temperature heating water (LTHW) distribution network has been completed.

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