Sonoma Academy Janet Durgin Guild + Commons

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The Janet Durgin Guild and Commons has been awarded the first Living Building Challenge Zero Carbon Certification in California, and was the first to be both Zero Carbon and Petals (Energy, Materials, Equity, Beauty) Certified by ILFI.

The building is heated and cooled primarily by a ground-source heat pump (GSHP) system. Hot and cold water from the heat pump system is circulated through concrete slab flooring and ceiling panels that radiate into the spaces providing energy efficient design. The PV panels were sized to produce enough energy for the building to be Net Positive.

The project includes two main spaces for students: the Guild and the Commons. The Commons is a student center with two all-electric kitchens, one for teaching and one for food service, that feature top-performing and highly-efficient induction stoves. The kitchen, pizza oven and dining hall overlook the gardens where the students grow their own food.

The Guild is a large maker space that opens onto a patio and outdoor teaching spaces, providing hands-on learning experiences related to industrial design, engineering, electronics, and animation and film.

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