SoLo | Soo Valley Modular Home

The Lower Soo Valley falls within the extremely remote, traditional territories of the Lil’wat and Squamish Nations. As an off-grid project in an extreme climate, pursuing Passive House energy efficiency helps to achieve the goal of self-sufficiency. SoLo is a proto-type for a much larger community, and provides exceptional comfort, resilience and integration within local existing ecological systems.

With special attention given to the regional climate, the project integrates high levels of airtightness and insulation for winter, and controlled natural ventilation for summer. An optimal performance building envelope includes glazing for natural daylight, heat gain reduction and external views. Overhangs for southfacing glazing block sun, and deep reveals are placed on the east/west-facing glazing. A pre-heating and pre-cooling geo-exchange loop takes advantage of moderate ambient ground temperatures to directly pre-heat/cool the incoming air supply in the winter/summer, without the use of a heat pump. The house was constructed off-site in modular sections to minimize site disturbance and reduce waste.

SoLo is grounded in nature, which inspired the lighting approach for this residence. Alluding to flames of a campfire in the dark, the lighting design strategies comprised of non-traditional lighting
strategies that used no wall scones, floor lamps, poles, nor bollards. Instead, many areas were illuminated through the warm reflection of light bouncing from the interior materials. The exterior corridor is illuminated only by rays of light captured precisely by structure. Their rhythm reinforces the asymmetrical lighting concepts of the interiors.

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