Sherbourne Common

Sherbourne Common is a stunning new waterfront park located in the heart of East Bayfront in Toronto, Ontario. The new $28.7M public green space is located in a former industrial area along Lake Ontario and spans more than two city blocks at 1.5 hectares.

Featuring three key design elements – woods, water and wide-open green space, the park provides an exciting and vibrant gathering place for residents and visitors alike. The park features a children’s playground, a grove of trees, seating and benches, a skating rink that acts as a splash pad in the summer, a zinc-clad Pavilion and a spectacular water channel with striking art sculptures.

Integral Group provided mechanical, electrical, modeling and sustainability consulting services for Sherbourne Common. As sustainability was a major component in the development of this new green space, several sustainable features were utilized in the design of the park and pavilion. The pavilion includes a high-performance building envelope, natural ventilation, energy recovery ventilator, baseboard radiator and natural gas fired tankless water heaters that provide hot water to needed machinery.

The Pavilion houses the park’s mechanical operations systems and the ultraviolet (UV) facility for neighborhood-wide stormwater treatment. The treated stormwater is released through three art sculpture towers and then flows into a concrete water channel (urban river) that spans 240 m and ultimately empties into Lake Ontario. To reduce water consumption, low-flow water fixtures are used and the UV filtered site stormwater is used for toilet flushing. Sherbourne Common’s stormwater management system allows the infrastructure to be aesthetically stunning and extremely functional.

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