SFO Consolidated Administration Campus

SFO CAC 1200X500

In order to increase productivity, organization, and efficiency, the San Francisco International Airport (SFO) has combined their administrative and technical departments—previously spread throughout the airport—into a new Consolidated Administration Campus (CAC). The facility includes museum storage space, offices, a conference center, and multiple parking structures.

SFO’s desire to reduce operating costs and minimize its environmental impact led to ambitious sustainability targets for the project. The client specified a LEED v4 Gold target for the CAC, and all of the new campus buildings will be designed to be Zero Net Energy Ready. Integral Group provided mechanical, electrical, and plumbing design services, as well as building energy and loads modeling, daylight modeling, and LEED v4 consulting for the project. Our designs provide effective temperature and humidity control for the museum collections storage while also emphasizing energy-efficient HVAC strategies that enhance thermal and visual comfort.

In the Campus office spaces, in-slab radiant heating and cooling ensures an expanded thermal comfort range for building occupants. SFO employees also experience quality ventilation through a dedicated outdoor air system (DOAS), which separates the exhaust air from the outside air used for ventilation so the supply air is cleaner and never composed of recirculated air.

Our careful daylight study maximized the amount of daylight used to light the buildings throughout the day. The efficient lighting controls system designed by Integral Group measures the daylight levels within the buildings and turns off or dims the electrical lighting when it is not needed or the building is not occupied. The system works in accordance with triple-pane glazing materials to reduce glare and heat gain when daylight levels are at their peak.

In the portion of the campus used for museum collections storage, extra care was given to temperature and humidity controls. The DOAS air handler was designed with a DX coil for dehumidification, which is easy to maintain and cost effective. Humidification is then provided as needed by an in-duct atomizing ultrasonic humidifying system.

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