Samuel Brighouse Elementary School

Samuel Brighouse Elementary School is a K-7 school located in a single-family neighborhood in Richmond, BC. The two-storey 4,777 square meter structure includes classrooms, administration space, a library, community space, and a renovated gymnasium. Integral Group delivered mechanical engineering services for this project. The design process involved the participation of Richmond School District No. 38, City staff, parents, and neighbors. It reflects the school district’s goal of transparency, collaborative learning, and connecting to nature and the community. A wide range of environmental design strategies include displacement ventilation, daylight harvesting combined with solar shading, and use of a well-insulated building envelope, fiberglass frame, triple-glazed classroom windows, and VOC-free interior finishes. As heating and cooling energy comes from a geo-exchange system while solar collectors heat domestic hot water, the overall energy consumption is predicted to be 57% below that of a model building under MNECB. It is worth noting that on several occasions the school has operated entirely without consuming fossil fuels. Water conservation and storm water management is achieved through the use of low-flow fixtures and a green roof that directs run off to a constructed wetland. Contributing to water conservation, site landscaping uses native plants to eliminate need for irrigation.

Key features

  • Heating and cooling energy comes from a ground source geothermal system
  • Water-to-air heat pumps and water-to-water heat pumps
  • Solar collectors
  • 49% portable water consumption savings relative to model building
  • Energy consumption is 57% below that of a model building under MNECB
  • Natural ventilation
  • External sunshades and operable windows
  • Radiant slab
  • Geo-exchange field
  • Electronically operable vent
  • Green roof
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