Room2 Chiswick

Elementa has undertaken a detailed review of the predicted energy use intensity of the room2 Chiswick hotel development, to identify opportunities to further reduce the energy usage and become a LETI Pioneer project (London Energy Transformation Initiative).

Room2 is pioneering the trend of the Hometel, which is focused on understanding people and their accommodation needs.
The original energy strategy consisted of CHP and gas boilers systems throughout the hotel for heating, cooling and domestic hot water.

We carried out an analysis on the site in collaboration with our specialists in Canada and looked at the viability and benefits of using more sustainable techniques. It was agreed that it would be beneficial to switch to a ground source heat pump system, both for environmental and financial advantages over the long term. With the new energy strategy, the client is looking at around 60% reduction in carbon emissions, as well as cost savings, over the long term.

“We are delighted that Elementa could suggest this innovative technology to allow room2 to reduce the carbon footprint of our latest property in Chiswick, in line with our strategy to be a leading hotel operator to take our environmental responsibilities seriously” – Robert Godwin, Managing Director, Lamington Group

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