RCMP E-Division Headquarters


The RCMP E-Division Headquarters project included the design and construction of three buildings (office spaces, post disaster with data center and vehicle bay) on the RCMP site in Surrey, BC. This complex is the largest RCMP location in Canada and has consolidated approximately 2,700 people from 25 sites from around the Lower Mainland. As a result of its completion, greater RCMP collaboration has been made possible. This P3 project attained a 46% energy savings compared to standard building design practices and achieved the largest incentive to date from the BC Hydro High Performance Incentive Program.

Integral Group was retained to provide mechanical consulting engineering and energy modeling services for this project. The design had to have a minimum of 4 LEED points as per LEED Canada NC 1.0 and being a RCMP site, the design had to incorporate security and reliability features. As a P3 project, the design considerations also had to acknowledge the maintenance and replacement of equipment for the next 25 years, which required close collaboration with the FM provider. A very strict deadline was set and successfully met.

Innovation was displayed by the team through the implementation of the largest design of active chilled beam technology in all of North America. With the chilled beams, we were able to supply increased ventilation air with no energy penalty. Waste heat from the main data center was utilized by a central mechanical cooling and heating plant which was designed to feed the buildings. The buildings were specifically shaped and orientated to optimize air quality, thermal comfort and energy usage.

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