Plantation Place Level 6

Level 6 Plantation Place was a 14,000 ft² refurbishment of a previous tenants CAT B fit out to return to a CAT A standard. The key for the client was to not have to replace all the mechanical systems but still provide a working system for the HVAC that a tenant would sign a lease with the comfort of not having major failures over the lease period.

Elementa organised fan coil unit manufacturers to survey the existing units and prepared a carefully planned spreadsheet matrix demonstrating remedials that were required and then we monitored and witnessed the works and testing such that there was an auditable trail to demonstrate to a potential tenant. All lighting was replaced with LED panels to improve the quality of the overall aesthetic of the floor space.

Overall, this project resulted in an efficient CAT A space that can be confidently let to a tenant at Grade A space with good rents.


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