Pixel Building

The Pixel Building project is a modest four-level building in Melbourne, Australia with an impressive array of sustainable design technology and innovation.

The client had an ambitious goal for Pixel Building to become Australia’s first carbon-neutral office building. The solution supported the building generating its own power and water through onsite wind turbines and a green roof which uses evapotranspiration of greywater from the building. Designed to be water-balanced, Pixel Building could, if required, disconnect from the mains supply and be self-sufficient for all its amenity needs, excluding occupant drinking.

To reduce the Pixel Building’s embodied carbon, the design employed low carbon concrete (coined as Pixelcrete) and recycled sustainably-sourced building material.

The Pixel Building achieved 105 LEED points and scored a perfect 6 Star Green Star – Office Design v3 rating of 105 points, making it the highest possible and highest ever awarded rating from the Green Building Council of Australia.

“The Pixel Building demonstrates how excellence and innovation can push the boundaries of sustainable design, and while it may be only a small building, its impact will be felt on the design of other office buildings here and around the world.” Shane Esmore, Principal and Sustainability Lead, Melbourne


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