Palmer Garages Development | Peabody

After being successfully appointed onto Peabody’s consultants framework, Elementa were commissioned as MEP and sustainability consultants for a brand new affordable housing development of 20 dwellings across 4 infill sites. The sites are compact and make use of surrounding massing and topography to make best use of the areas.

As Peabody manage and operate their own sites, they require an understanding of long term gains of materials and solutions rather than capital cost. Therefore, Elementa undertook workshops with Peabody to present and explain a variety of sustainable and economic solutions they could use across their estates for long term benefits.

Sustainability is high on the agenda for Peabody across their whole estate with many requiring a minimum of Code FSH Level 4, including this project. An immediate challenge to overcome was an issue of over shading at one of the sites meaning that the preferred option of PVs was at risk. Elementa undertook a full over shading and output study for the site to ensure that the system could be used effectively and would still ensure a benefit to Peabody and their occupants.

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